What age is the best age to start hearing services?

What age is the best age to start hearing services?

The best time to start seeing an audiologist about hearing services is when you notice you or your loved one struggling with hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur at any age. However, it is recommended that individuals get their hearing tested regularly starting from age 50, even if they are not experiencing any hearing difficulties.

If there is a history of hearing loss in the family or if an individual has been exposed to loud noises for a prolonged period, getting their hearing tested at an earlier age may be necessary. Additionally, suppose someone is experiencing hearing loss, such as difficulty hearing in noisy environments or asking others to repeat themselves frequently. In that case, they should get their hearing tested regardless of age. It’s always better to be proactive about hearing health and get tested earlier rather than waiting until hearing problems become more significant.

The benefits to seeing an audiologist for hearing services

Think you may have hearing loss?

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