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Why Choose Melody Hearing Clinic?

  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our goal at Melody Audiology is to provide unmatched service. There is a 60 day return policy on Hearing Aids. That way, you have a chance to integrate them into your life and decide if they are a good fit for you.

  • Expertise

    As hearing experts, we provide comprehensive testing and work with ENT specialists to ensure the care of your hearing health

  • Lifetime Care

    We support our products and people with follow up cleaning and check-ups. We will even come to you if needed

  • "I have used the services of Melody since April 2016. These services include a hearing test and the purchase and fitting of hearing aids, I have been very happy with their prompt, friendly and very personalized service. I have had my hearing aids for five months and found them comfortable, barely visible, easily maintained, and effective."

  • "Great staff and very helpful."

  • Enjoyable, relaxing, and helpful.

    Barbara Seaman
  • Very helpful, all staff in the office were delightful & helpful! THANK YOU!

  • Helpful + Friendly. Fast to get me in. Thanks again.


Think you may have hearing loss?

Our hearing tests are quick, painless, and extremely accurate. Test your hearing by visiting us for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.


Downton Edmonton

Downtown Location Direct Number:
(780) 784-1349

South Edmonton

South Location Direct Number:
(780) 809-1349

Please note for South Edmonton Location: 

Melody Hearing Clinic is located on the second floor of the “Canadian Cancer Care” building.

Mill Woods (Beyond Vision)

Millwoods Location Direct Number: 
(780) 450-6700