How much is a hearing test in Edmonton?

How much is a hearing test in Edmonton?

The price of a hearing test in Edmonton varies depending on the type and complexity of the testing. Typically, the cost ranges from $75 to $200 or more. If you are looking for specific pricing information, it is recommended that you contact Melody Audiology directly. They can provide you with the accurate cost of the hearing test that you require.

We provide a free online hearing test on our website, which can be useful for individuals who suspect they may have hearing loss or just want to check their hearing abilities. The test consists of a series of tones played at different frequencies and volumes, and users are asked to indicate if they can hear each tone. While this online hearing test can provide some basic information about hearing abilities, it’s important to note that it is not a substitute for a comprehensive audiological evaluation by a licensed audiologist. If you have concerns about your hearing or are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, it’s recommended that you schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a thorough evaluation.

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Our hearing tests are quick, painless, and extremely accurate. Test your hearing by visiting us for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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