Can I come in for a hearing test without insurance?

Can I come in for a hearing test without insurance?

Yes, you can come in for a hearing test without insurance here in Alberta. We offer services at an affordable rate for those without insurance.

Alberta’s healthcare system, Alberta Health Services (AHS), also provides publicly funded audiological services, which include hearing tests, for those who meet specific criteria. While these services may not cover all types of hearing tests, they can be a helpful starting point if you’re experiencing hearing issues.

For a more detailed assessment or specialized tests, numerous private clinics provide these services at a fee. Most of these clinics are quite accommodating and can provide you with a detailed cost breakdown before the test.

Remember, it’s important to have your hearing checked regularly, particularly if you’re experiencing any difficulties. The earlier a hearing issue is detected, the more options you have for managing it effectively. Please don’t let the lack of insurance coverage deter you from seeking help.

Contact your local clinic today to learn more about their hearing services and to understand what options might be available for you.

Think you may have hearing loss?

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