Keep Your Ears Clean Without Q-Tips!

Check out this fun video to learn about all the cool ways earwax helps keep your ears clean and protected! Thanks earwax!

‘Cerumen’, the technical term for earwax, is natural and normal, and does not typically need to be cleaned from your ears. As mentioned in the video, earwax serves many purposes, so it is best to leave it alone and let it do it’s work.

Q-tips actually counteract your ear’s natural cleaning mechanism that is trying to push wax, carrying dirt and debris, outward. Not to mention the dangers of damaging your eardrum by slipping, being bumped or pushing that Q-tip a few centimeters too far. Ouch! Instead put a tissue on your finger and simply wipe the outer portion of your ear. Where-ever your finger can reach is generally safe.

There are special circumstances where earwax can begin to accumulate, becoming impacted in the ear. This type of build up will require a visit to your family doctor for professional removal and can be signaled by the following symptoms:

  • Earache, fullness in the ear, or a sensation the ear is plugged
  • Partial hearing loss, which may be progressive
  • Tinnitus, ringing, or noises in the ear
  • Itching, odor, or discharge

If you have any questions about how to clean and care for your ears, call and speak to our friendly staff today!