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Melody Audiology Hearing Clinic Edmonton
Koreena Deleurme
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Hearing trouble this is the place you go. These doctors are totally above the rest. They helped us out they take the time to listen and to reanswer the same questions over and over. The front end staff are really knowledgeable.
S Lohr
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Very nice service great explanation of my diagnosis.
Cherie Lyn Klassen
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Only my second experience at an audiology clinic and I felt very comfortable with all the staff. The audiology clinician explained everything very thoroughly and what my hearing loss meant. After my demo of hearing aids she again took the time to educate me on treating hearing loss. I felt a little uncomfortable with the fact that I have hearing loss at a young age and she really helped me feel more comfortable. I'll definitely go back here for my check up. I had no idea what hearing loss was and how much it impacted me until this experience. Highly recommend.
Nic Bea
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This place is very clean and the staff friendly and organized. I went for a hearing test but unfortunately the push button was broken which was the only issue. However, that's completely fixable so I highly recommend them. If I could give 4.75 stars I would. The little issue was minor.
Bart Skrzypczak
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Friendly staff. Great service.
Rodger Browning
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absolutely amazing and explained through and so grateful
Angela Mathias-Mohr
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Wonderful staff at the downtown clinic. Especially Danielle, who is so cheerful, friendly and helpful when I was having a difficult time with my hearing loss. I recommend anyone to come to this clinic.
Derek Osmond
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Very professional and up to date EQPT with better testing for real results.

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