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Hearing Aid Styles

The hearing care professional will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as taking the time to discuss all the various options with you.

It is important to choose a hearing aid that fits your lifestyle, your hearing needs and meet your aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of hearing aid styles including:

Behind the Ear (BTE)

Sit behind the ear with a tube that is directed into an ear mold that sits inside the ear canal. These types of aids are quite discreet and are generally more durable due to the fact that the electrical components are housed outside of the ear.

Receiver in the Canal (RIC)

Similar in look to the Behind the Ear models, Receiver in the Canal hearing aids are smaller and more discreet. They also utilize open fit technology that requires only a small speaker to deliver sound.

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

Are discreet, with the device fitting completely into the ear canal.

Invisible in the Canal (IIC)

Sits in the canal, making it completely unnoticeable.

In the Canal/ Half Shell (ITC/HS)

Utilizes an ear mold that rests in the canal and fills the lower half of the outer ear.

Full Shell (FS)

Sit in the outer portion of the ear and feature easy to use controls.

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Custom Molds

It is important to choose a custom mold that fits your lifestyle, your hearing needs and meet your aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of styles including:

Sleeper Molds

Delicately sculpted from the softest medical grade silicone giving you the most comfortable ear plug experience. It is ideal for sleeping, reading, travelling and anywhere where you need peace and quiet.

Ear Defenders

Used in conditions where noise is persistent or excessive, such as in construction and industrial environments, those who fail to properly protect their ears run a much higher risk of irreversible hearing damage. Ear Defenders provide ultimate protection to those in noise impacted environments.

Swim Molds

Manufactured from a soft, 100% floatable silicone which is comfortable to wear and prevent a tight seal to make sure no water enters the ear. It is ideal for water sports, recreational swimming, daily showering and individuals whom suffer from chronic ear infections.

Musician Molds

Musicians and sound crews spend many hours exposed to different sound levels, sometimes for a long period of time but cannot work in the muffled world of foam earplugs. These molds offer flat noise attenuation which provides reassurance in protecting your hearing while allowing the user the ability to hear accurately.

Custom Ear Buds

Why use store purchased earbuds when you can get custom made ones? This is made from high grade silicone product that will provide a comfortable fit, while isolating white noise so that you can enjoy maximum listening experience. It is ideal for when you are at the gym, going for a walk or run, washing your car, or personal listening use.

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Hearing Accessories

Better hearing is not just important in face-to-face conversations. A hearing instrument equipped with Bluetooth functionality will greatly increase your enjoyment of making phone calls, watching TV, listening to music and much more.

Remote Control

Discreet remote with easy, straightforward control of essential hearing aid settings.

TV Accessory

Sends sounds wirelessly from your TV to your hearing aids.

Mini Microphone

Personal wireless microphone system delivering audio to your hearing aids.


A small on the go clip-on streamer and remote control. It provides high quality sound through hearing aids with talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music.

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