Special Event at Melody Audiology! You Are Invited!


3 Days Only – April 11TH, 12TH & 13TH

Melody Audiology and Hearing Clinic is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a SPECIAL DEMO EVENT to introduce the latest innovations and technology that hearing aids have to offer. Hear better in noise, reduce your listening effort, and enjoy an improved quality of life! Take advantage of exclusive specialty pricing available during this event!

During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE SERVICES:

Complimentary no-obligation hearing evaluation

Complimentary 2 week trial of the hearing aids

Complimentary year battery supply with hearing aid purchase

We invite you to come in for a free demonstration of the exciting advancements in hearing aids to hear for yourself the latest in hearing technology. Please call early to make an appointment. Appointments will go fast! Be sure to bring a friend, loved one, or someone whose voice is familiar to you. If you know anyone who is experiencing hearing problems themselves, please feel free to pass this invitation along!

Please call 780-784-1349 to schedule your appointment