How Can I Hide My Hearing Loss?

Should I see a registered hearing aid practitioners (RHAP)or ENT for hearing loss?

Many people believe they are hiding their hearing loss when they don’t wear hearing aids.  Actually, hearing loss is much more noticeable without the use of hearing aids because speech isn’t heard clearly and things need to be repeated and explained.  A misinterpreted word can change the meaning and context of what is being said […]

What to Expect With a Hearing Test?

Many clients that we see here at Melody Hearing Clinic have never had a hearing test and are unsure of what to expect.  Our practitioners at Melody understand that this is a new experience for many of our clients. We always take the time to walk you through the process, making your comfort a priority. […]

Is Hearing Loss Linked With Depression?

Is hearing loss linked with depression? Research shows that hearing loss is in fact associated with depression among adults, especially in women. As we consider the emotional and social impacts that hearing loss might have, we can begin to understand how hearing loss and depression may be related. Hearing loss affects our ability to communicate […]